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What’s Happening in 2014: More sensational events, including:WinterPRIDE (January 26 to February 2), TED Conference events in March, the World Ski and Snowboard Festival(April 11-20), the second annual Tough Mudder Whistler (June 21-22), Ironman Canada Whistler (June 27), Crankworx Mountain Bike Festivals (July 3-6 and August 8-27), and foodie events likeCornucopia (in November).
Why You Should Go: Whistler is the largest ski resort in North America, yet it sees more visitors in the summer. It’s one of the few attractions in Canada that has successfully managed to become an all-season destination. The result is an experience that is geared to satisfy. The proof is in the quality of service in Whistler, arguably the best of any destination in Canada.
Vacay.ca Columnist Adrian Brijbassi says: “I’ve been to Whistler at least two dozen times and never once bombed down one of its mountains. Not on skis, or a snowboard, or a mountain bike. Am I missing out? I’ve never felt like it. That’s because this haven for intense outdoor sports activities is also fabulous for soft-core warm-weather enjoyment, too, including golfing, hiking, zip lining, and cycling. On top of all that, it’s simply immaculate. A beautiful part of the world that never bores. Whistler exhilarates, as it did on a recent visit at the end of May. During those four days, daring mountain bikers swarmed the village to take turns careening down one of nearly 50 trails, while skiers and snowboarders squeezed in their final runs of the season. A Great Canadian Weekend shouldn’t be about putting yourself in position to suffer bodily harm, I figured. So I chose pursuits that were less dangerous and, for my tastes, even more satisfying than a thrill run down a steep and challenging hill.”