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FOGO ISLAND, Newfoundland and Labrador

FOGO ISLAND, Newfoundland and Labrador

What’s Happening in 2014: The 30th anniversary of the Brimstone Head Folk Festival, an outdoor music event in a stunning natural amphitheatre, celebrates traditionalNewfoundland culture and Irish music from August 9-11. The Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back — the world’s only seagoing rowing challenge — covers seven miles on the Atlantic and will be held on July 19.
Why You Should Go: When it opened, the five-star Fogo Island Inn made this outport community the talk of the Canadian tourism industry. The inn celebrates is first anniversary on May 12, 2014. From its bold initiatives, stunning architecture, local artisan-crafted textiles and furniture, the brainchild of billionaire Zita Cobb is geo-tourism at its finest. Along with the scenery, world-class hiking trails and genuine, warm locals, Fogo Island also offers a revitalizing stay for visitors. Nature-viewing thrills abound on Fogo Island and they include icebergs, caribou, puffins and whales.
Vacay.ca Visuals Editor Julia Pelish says: “Artisans bring to light the unique cultural facets of Fogo Island through the inn’s 29 guest rooms, where everything from the furniture to the textiles are island made. Want to take a quilt home? Stop into Winds and Waves Artisan Guild, where all the quilts for the inn are hand sewn.  The inn’s staff, comprised mostly of local residents, has received glowing reviews. All of the positive word of mouth has enticed tourists to venture out to Joe Batt’s Arm, one of those curiously named Newfoundland communities that dot the Atlantic coastline, populating territory with only a few souls, all of whom seem to have a warm smile or quick laugh no matter the economic climate in their part of the world. Cars bring visitors from Newfoundland, other parts of Canada, and from the US and overseas. They wait in line for the ferry from Farewell to Fogo to experience the music, art, crafts, and stories abundant in the austere beauty that flourishes here on the sea coast. Those travellers aren’t your usual backpacker or camper, though. Nightly room rates at the Fogo Island Inn start at $550, leaving it out of reach for most visitors. But the experience of the island is more affordable and accessible if you stay at places like Peg’s B&B, where rates start at $85 per night.”

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