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Do you like Canada?

Canada is peaceful ,rich and warm ( because of the people). It is a perfect match for me because I love snow and winter. I always walk to work in the snow. I don’t understand and nobody would , why some Americans hate the Universal Health care System. It shows that America needs more love and compassion. If something good benefits everyone, why should I feel miserable as a decent human being? I am so proud to be a Canadian.

I was born in Ontario and now I live in BC and I’ve been in every single province in this country except PEI. I like it. I find that we’re not as uptight and as uninformed as the average US citizen. I find that the US is all about “We’re #1! We’re #1!”. Where as Canada is going “There’s a competition?” Canada has no intent on shoving it people’s faces how cool we think we are. We just want to hang out and drink good beer, watch hockey, and have good conversation with the rest of the world. Maybe that’s why Europeans like us so much – we just say that we’re Canadian, we don’t ram it down their gullets.

Oh yeah, we’re a lot better winners in sports competitions too on a global basis.

Now that doesn’t go to say that if I got a sweet job in the US that I wouldn’t move there. I find that the vast majority of people in the Northern states (i.e. Washington, Vermont, Minnesota, etc.) have similar view