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Prince Edward Island

What’s Happening in 2014: The 150th anniversary of the Confederation Conference kicks into high gear on Canada Day weekend, when a “celebration zone” filled with entertainment and activities takes over the waterfront area. The festivities that mark the 1864 conference that led to the founding of an independent Canada extend to September 6.
Why You Should Go: It’s a non-stop celebration of Canada — from the beginnings to its current state as a kaleidoscope of multicultural influences. PEI is a province that will wriggle into your heart with every sunset you view on a red-sand beach and every oyster you suck back on a patio restaurant. The sesquicentennial is the reason you have to go to Charlottetown in 2014, but the island has endless attractions that entice each and every year.
Vacay.ca Columnist Adrian Brijbassi says: “Charlottetown is so immaculate it needed to invent its own mice population. Three years ago, miniature bronze mice began to appear throughout the downtown streets of this tidy provincial capital. Part of a scavenger hunt based on the character Eckhart the Mouse from author David Weale’s “The True Meaning of Crumbfest,” the mice are another cute aspect of a city that’s easy to adore for all of the reasons you might expect — Charlottetown is as friendly and attractive as its reputation — and for some reasons that will surprise you. Despite a population of less than 35,000, Charlottetown has a surprisingly upscale dining scene and lively bar atmosphere.”