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Majority of Americans Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants 

A new Gallup poll shows that 65 percent of Americans are in favor of allowing the undocumented immigrants in the US a pathway to citizenship of the country. The survey comes as the national debate on the over 10 million illegal immigrants living in the country heats up, with real estate mogul and presidential hopeful Donald Trump in particular causing a furore with his inflammatory remarks on immigration.

Source: Immigration.ca

One Out of Six Workers in the UK are Foreigners 

The UK’s Office for National Statistics has said that there are now 4.9?million foreigners working in the UK, making up one in six of all workers in the country. In 1997 there were 1.9?million foreign-born workers in the UK, equivalent to one in 13, meaning that foreigners as a percentage of workers in the UK have more than doubled since 1997. Figures for 2014 show that an additional 250,000 EU nationals gained employment in the UK, compared to 84,000 British nationals who joined the workforce during the same year.

Source: Immigration.ca

Canada’s Express Entry System Proving to be Tough for Immigrants 

With Canada offering permanent residents a high number of rights and benefits, including free health care services as well as free world-class education for their children, the country remains one of the top destinations for migrants worldwide. However, many highly-skilled prospective immigrants are finding it hard to qualify under Canada’s Express Entry system, with the tough scoring system and emphasis of having a job offer proving to be too big a hurdle for most applicants.

Source: Immigration.ca

Canadian Immigration Policy Should Focus on Citizenship, Not Temporary Workers

Experts believe that while Canada’s immigration policy is one of its fundamental strengths, the growing reliance of Canadian businesses on temporary foreign workers may prove to be its undoing. Canada’s intake of foreign workers has almost doubled since 2006, and almost all of the net new immigration growth is driven by the increasing use of temporary foreign workers rather than permanent economic migrants.
Source: Global and Mail

New Penalties For TFW violations in Canada

Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development Pierre Poilievre has announced stiff new penalties for employers who violate Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program rules. Starting Dec. 1, employers found violating program conditions will be subject to fines ranging from $500 to $100,000 per violation, and up to $1 million in a one-year period. Employers will also be banned for up to 10 years from the programs.

Report Reveals Top Migration Destination of World’s Super-Rich 

According to New World Wealth’s annual review of the migration patterns of worldwide millionaires, the United Kingdom is the most popular destination for millionaires seeking a second passport, ahead of the US and Singapore. China is the top source of migrant millionaires, coming in ahead of India and France. Over 264,000 millionaires around the world have obtained a second nationality since the year 2000.

Survey Shows Renewed Optimism in Canadian Economy 

A survey of professional accountants in leadership positions by the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Canada reveals that optimism in Canada’s economic performance is gradually on the rise. According to the survey, 29 per cent of respondents were optimistic about the Canadian economy, up from 23 per cent the previous quarter. Respondents cited the fall in oil prices as the main challenge for the Canadian economy.

British Columbia to Relaunch PNP Immigration Stream 

Starting July 2, the B.C. provincial government is set to relaunch the business immigration stream of its provincial nominee program (PNP) with new criteria, including the establishment of a fast track points system for some immigrants depending on the type of business they have. The stream was suspended earlier this year due to a surge of applications received following the cancellation of the federal immigrant investor program.

Source: Immigration.ca

Saskatchewan Launches New Online SINP Application System 

Saskatchewan has launched a new online application system for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The improved online application system will make it quicker and easier for highly skilled foreign workers to apply for the new Saskatchewan Express Entry category, which has added 775 immigrant nominees to the SINP to bring the total number of SINP nominations to 5,500.

Source: Immigration.ca

Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act Takes Full Effect as of June 11

While some parts of Bill C-24 – the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act – came into force last year, the remaining amendments came into effect on June 11, 2015. Also starting June 11, new citizenship application forms became available on the CIC website. Any citizenship applications received using the old forms after June 10 will not be accepted by CIC.

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